Innovation and Intelligence at work
Innovation and Intelligence at work

Govtecnics LLC was established to promote public, nonprofit and private sector partners with solutions for organizational challenges they face. We examine, design and implement best practice, unique strategy, advocacy, communications, brand development, analytic research and organizational governance to that purpose.

A unique approach of creativity, innovation and technical skills deliver results for public entities, government relations, organizational management and corporate culture engagement. If you need a "reboot" to deliver results and pragmatic solutions, we believe there's solutions to every problem and design pathways to get you there.

Mr. Titcomb is a motivated, involved public executive who's worked actively in the Florida market over four decades. His notable history of public leadership roles, private sector work and involvement in nonprofit entities has proven Mr. Titcomb delivers quality of life, community betterment and economic development innovations.

Titcomb has served as a city elected official, government non-profit organization director, town manager, adjunct professor, state trade association governor and spent 20 years in private sector as head of his award-winning advertising design agency before pivoting into many years at public servant roles.


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